D. Bello | Company + Team
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Company + Team

We are title people working in the technology and operations space. Not the other way around.

Our Story

We began as a company that pioneered the first offshore electronic title plants. The same attitude to pioneer, innovate, and excel at our work still exists in the DNA of our company.


Our company made Southern California home in 1988, and we have enjoyed the sunshine ever since. We love the title business, and treasure working with some of the most forward-thinking people in this industry. We would not be where we are today without those relationships.


The rate of change in our industry has increased tenfold. Critical transitions that once took a decade now occur in a calendar year. Our roots as title people, and our continued ties to the heart and soul of our industry furthers our ability to adapt with – and even ahead of – our clients.

Our Trajectory

As technology, business, and industries change, so does the opportunity to improve how work is done. We have made a living out of creating, adapting and deploying dynamic solutions for our clients.


Our future and legacy is rooted in the foundation and values that started the company.


We know that these values, combined with new talent and partners, will continue to keep D. Bello Associates a pioneer in the industry.


Our team is made up of the best. With a strong balance of industry expertise, creative problem-solving and operational excellence, this group of people makes what we do possible.



Doug is pioneer and a veteran of title. As well as million mile frequent flier.

Doug Bello

President + Founder

When Doug isn’t cruising around the globe, his influence and guidance is critical to our trajectory. His instruction and influence goes far beyond the title industry, such as how to travel the world by wiggling into first class without paying for an upgrade.


Doug’s knowledge of title is unquestioned. He’s consulted for a federal judge on matters of land record organization, and traveled to Russia to offer guidance on land reform and privatization as part of the new Perestroika. He is recognized as a National Title Professional by the American Land Title Association, the highest individual honor bestowed upon its members.


Jeff still wishes he could have had a career as a MLB left handed relief pitcher. Unfortunately, he is right handed.

Jeffrey Bates

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is the modern day Sherlock Holmes of the title insurance process. His natural ability to connect the dots (and have a clean desk) is what helps us solve problems, keep everything together and our company moving into the future.


Jeff has grown up in the title industry and seen many accomplishments as a next generation leader. His uncanny ability to solve problems and think strategically has accounted for achievements that unfortunately can’t be fully recognized due to confidentially reasons. His devotion to our company is only surpassed by his dedication and involvement with the title insurance industry. He is actively involved in the American Land Title Association as a Trustee for the Title Insurance Political Action Committee.


Andrew is not as good of a golfer as he thinks he is.

Andrew Acker

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew gets stuff done. Period. It’s his relentless quest for efficiency and achievement that allows him to hit the golf course as much as he does. He will say it isn’t enough (the golfing).


Andrew has an impressive resume of achievements during his professional career. Coming from an Orange County consulting firm, he has extensive experience in improving operations and growing businesses. His ability to seek out incremental improvements in the efficiency of processes – and do so continually – has translated to an unquantifiable number of benefits to D. Bello Associates and its clients.


D. Bello Associates was founded in 1988 in order to provide the title insurance industry with expert title plant consulting. The successful management of a single outsourced title backplant altered the course of the company. The growing need for electronic title plants fueled the construction of dozens of title backplants throughout the next decade.


In the early 1990’s we participated in the development of the first outsourced daily title plant. The enormous success of this project allowed for the offshore movement of data entry in the title industry, thereby transforming the industry’s ability to construct and maintain title plants.


Following the success of outsourced title plants, we began coordinating outsourced searching projects in the late 1990’s. This service rapidly expanded to include title chain examination, commitment typing and customized policy preparation.


Since our inception, we have enjoyed being an integral part of the title insurance industry. We look forward to projecting the same history and reputation into the future.