D. Bello | #ALTA18 (AKA ALTA West Coast) – What to Expect
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#ALTA18 (AKA ALTA West Coast) – What to Expect

This probably isn’t news to you, but ALTA ONE this year is happening in LA. As an organization that’s been both a proud ALTA member and headquartered in the LA Area and Southern California for 30 years, we felt it our duty to help prep the attendees with some local insight and information.


This will include things such as: places to visit, things to expect, and some realistic humor about the unique place we call home.


We’ll start things off with the announcement that this year at #ALTAONE, D. Bello will be sponsoring the closing ceremony, which will include the famous In-N-Out truck. If a delicious In-N-Out burger was on the to-do list for your LA trip, consider it covered!


Stay tuned for more tips and announcement as #ALTAONE gets closer!


And yes, the traffic really is as bad as everyone says. But you’ll forget about it if you focus on the weather! #FingersCrossed