[VIDEO] The Full Package Webinar Series presented by Bowe Digital - featuring D. Bello!

We sit down with Wayne Stanley & Heather Lunsford of Bowe Digital for their first airing of the new webinar series, The Full Package. 
As inaugural guests on the pilot episode, we share more about how our intentional outsourcing is more relevant than ever and how it can help title companies all over the country.
We are grateful to partner with Bowe Digital and to share how our fully customized title production solutions can be an external extension of your team.

We hope you enjoyed the episode!

[VIDEO] Intentional Outsourcing Series: Episode 1 - Turn Time Efficiency

Welcome back to our Intentional Outsourcing Series, where we share how you can win by deploying a title production outsource strategy with a purpose.
Our first deep dive will focus on turn-time efficiency. Turn time struggles are a constant tension in our industry. They can occur at any point in the production process journey and affect the completion of a file. Every title company runs into this issue.
If it were simple to solve, our industry would’ve solved it a long time ago. We have a way to help! Watch below and learn how you can positively impact your turn times and customer experience when you plug D. Bello into your title production process.
If you've read this far, don’t forget to check out the video above! Stay tuned for the next video in our Intentional Outsourcing Series, coming soon.

[VIDEO] Intentional Outsourcing Series: How Outsourcing is Intended to Work!

Welcome to our Intentional Outsourcing series. This series explains what occurs in your organization when you deploy a title production outsource strategy with a purpose.

You may know about generic, transactional outsourcing. But your company deserves something more focused and built for your needs. When you partner with D. Bello, we build a custom solution just for you. 

2021 to 2022: Looking Backward to See Forward

Having returned to the office this week after a time of relaxation this Christmas season, I’ve been reflecting on the whirlwind year that was 2021. Despite all the challenges this pandemic posed (and continues to pose), I was able to appreciate all the advances our clients have made with us as an integral player.

Thanks to you, D. Bello had a record shattering year in 2021 – new clients, new geographies and new partnerships. We’ve expanded our California management team, invested in production facilities and laid the foundation for exciting additional offerings in this year and beyond. Here are a few highlights of 2021:

It was amazing to see our clients utilize D. Bello’s Title Production WorkforceTM to outperform their local competition and grow their businesses this past year.

We look forward to all that 2022 brings. Stay tuned for more great updates and content as we continue to expand what we do and how we can help. No matter what, we will always be here to do the work, so you can take the credit.

Jeffrey Bates, CEO

Meet with me here.

New Office Countdown [And Giveaway]

What’s the purpose of an office? It may seem straightforward at first, but for many an office can have a lot of negative connotations. If we don’t step back and define it, by default it can just become whatever the work dictates: frustrating, hard, trapped, boring.

For us, offices aren’t just a means to the end and a place where people have to “clock-in” to get work done. Offices have to be a catalyst for great work. Don’t get us wrong, offices aren’t the only way for us to get our jobs done. We all travel a lot and at times find our best inspiration while visiting a coffee shop, sipping on a cocktail, or sitting on a beach.

However, when work is scheduled to be at least 30% of our day (the 9-5), where we work needs to be exciting, encouraging, and inspiring. That way we can do better work while at the office and be excited to return to the office (Sunday Scaries shouldn’t be a thing). We’re not saying we need to work 24/7, but we are intentional about the way an office looks, feels, and motivates for the time we are there.

As you might be able to tell, our current office doesn’t exactly fit the definition of a great office as described above. It’s been a great springboard to our Orange County home, but it’s time to announce the countdown and excitement about our new office (or for as much time as we spend there, our new home).

This is a place I designed to inspire great work for our clients and a great work environment for our team. The new office may only be across the street, but it seems like a huge upgrade to the top of the cool street.

To help celebrate the countdown and official move-in, we’re launching a ’New Office Giveaway’. All you need to enter is guess how long it takes our 6’4” CEO Jeffrey Bates to run from the current office front door to the new office front door. He’ll be the first to admit he’s not an Olympic sprinter (or even a jogger), but he does have some long strides.

Winner will receive a gift basket of some of our favorite OC products! 

We’ve provided a cheat sheet below, but research the coordinate, confirm satellite images, and enter your best guess in the form below (or by clicking the link here):

    • Point to point distance if taking a straight line is roughly 750 feet
    • Following more of the ‘legal’ pedestrian rules, it measures roughly 845 feet (pictured below)
    • Jeff is 6’4″
    • The last time Jeff ran or jogged for fitness or leisure was 10+ years ago.

*Limit one entry per person


* indicates required

Do You Know About D. Bello Outsourcing?

Overheard LA - What to Expect from LA's Believably-Unbelievable-Sarcastic-Side

ALTA One is a week away, and while many might associate LA with beautiful sunshine, Hollywood stars, and now LeBron James; there's a unique side to the culture as well.

One that we appreciate for the 'face-palm-esc' response it provides when reading what people overhear in this amazing city.

So to help inspire (and prepare) you for this loveable city, enjoy some of our favorite posts from the group of OverheardLA. The believable, but somewhat unbelievable things you'll potentially hear while visiting LA.

Managing By Metrics: How To Measure Your Success

There’s a classic quote that business leaders and managers love to throw around (and spoiler alert, I’m about too as well). It comes from Peter Drucker, one of the original management gurus. He classically states that “what gets measured gets managed.”

Before you roll your eyes and cringe from hearing this quote again, let me tell you that it’s most often taken out of context. It’s typically used as justification to eliminate measuring tasks that cannot easily be quantified. However, there’s a big difference between a business quote, and the application to business.

The ‘business application’ that Drucker was addressing was identifying the difficulty in measuring work and making sure the right work was getting done; right work being defined as work that contributes most directly to the bottom line.

The real challenge in business is identifying the tasks and activities that, when tracked, provide the greatest business insights and ROI possible. To further quote Drucker, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” Finding the appropriate measurement is hard work, and often executives apply simple concepts for complex decisions; utilizing models that include straight line metrics for everything from staff reductions, to increased sales, to expense reductions.

In an industry fueled by people with detailed expertise and an extensive knowledge of the product and process, how do we blend that passion and knowledge with data and strategy to quickly evaluate our most profitable systems, processes, and products?

Data can’t be the final decision maker, but with so much time spent in front of a screen and in software applications, are we missing potential opportunities and threats by not better leveraging data points that are easily accessible? You think Customer X is so profitable, but do you know how much time it actually takes to complete their work? Do you know how rude and unprofessional the customer is to your employees and what this costs in production time? Do you know how happy your employees are at their jobs? Do you know your ‘compliance confidence score’?

In order to find the best answers, we first need to identify the right questions to ask and then we can effectively use data at our disposal to provide better insights and decision making.

This post was co-authored by Andrew Acker and Tish Bush. Andrew is the Chief Operating Officer at D. Bello Associates; Tish Bush is the Founder and Principal of TBD Advisors.  They'll both be speaking on this topic at ALTA ONE, the week of October 9-12, 2018. Make sure to attend their session if you'll be there. Check out the schedule here! Or contact us for links to their content and presentation!

#ALTA18 (AKA ALTA West Coast) - What to Expect

This probably isn’t news to you, but ALTA ONE this year is happening in LA. As an organization that’s been both a proud ALTA member and headquartered in the LA Area and Southern California for 30 years, we felt it our duty to help prep the attendees with some local insight and information.
This will include things such as: places to visit, things to expect, and some realistic humor about the unique place we call home.
We’ll start things off with the announcement that this year at #ALTAONE, D. Bello will be sponsoring the closing ceremony, which will include the famous In-N-Out truck. If a delicious In-N-Out burger was on the to-do list for your LA trip, consider it covered!
Stay tuned for more tips and announcement as #ALTAONE gets closer!
And yes, the traffic really is as bad as everyone says. But you'll forget about it if you focus on the weather! #FingersCrossed

D. Bello Associates grows tremendously post-TRID

D. Bello Associates CEO Jeffrey Bates told The Title Report business is booming post-TRID. A privately held, independent outsource service provider, the company offers title data and operational services to the industry.

To read this article in full, be sure to check out the exclusive full post at The Title Report here.

The #ALTA15 Conference Survival Guide

Whether you’re a conference veteran or still in your rookie season, we all know conferences can be some of the best times of the year. You probably also know then that they can be some of the most tiring times of the year. With having been to more conferences that we can keep track of, we felt it was our duty to provide you with a pre-ALTA Annual Conference survival guide. That way you can not only survive the week, but you can make it one of the best weeks of the year.
It’s basically destined to be a great conference anyway: In the heart of Boston, during the fall, changing leaves, and everyone knows your name [hint, the Cheers bar is in Boston]. There is this one minor thing called TRID that might be making some people a little apprehensive about spending a week at a conference. Luckily, ALTA has set you up to with with a TRID Solutions Center (aka, TRID emergency room), in case anything back at your home office requires immediate action, or training.
Without further delay, here’s our Conference Survival Guide:
  • Get Sleep
    • This one might seem obvious, but we’re not saying sleep a lot. Rather, get the right amount and be strategic. Naps are a conference secret to help extend energy and allow for more time socializing in the post-session hours.
  • Always Be Hydrating
    • We’re not exactly at high altitude, but your liver will thank you later. Drink as much water as you can, because it will help you out when you’re drinking everything but water. Also, high quality h2o will make up for a lack of sleep from not following our first bullet point.
  • Powerplay
    • If you’re thinking personal power, than look no further then a strong cup of coffee. Our favorite local Boston coffee shop is the Thinking Cup, which is luckily just a couple blocks away from the Westin on Newbury Street. You’ll thank us later.
    • As fas as technology power, follow the Scouts motto and ‘Be Prepared.’ The only thing worse than a dead battery is being chained to a power outlet trying to rescue a dead device while everyone else is listening to sessions and having fun. We recommend a portable power pack, specifically the Mogix ones (they charge two devices at once, so you can always help a friend out!).
    • Lastly, common sense maybe, but if you’re a laptop user, charge your computer the night before, it can always serve as an emergency phone charger need be.
  • Get Connected
    • New school meets old school with this one. Obviously make sure you have plenty of business cards (how else will you win the raffle drawings at the vendor booths), but don’t overlook the power of social media. Make sure you have the Twitter app downloaded and are signed up. You might not think anything valuable happens on social media, but you won’t actually know until you join the conversation (#ALTA15). Some of our best industry friends were first introduced via social media.
    • Don’t limit yourself to just the conference sessions to meet new people. Tag along to dinners and post-session drinks; and if you ever unsure where to go, there’s bound to always be a group setting up home base at the hotel bar.
  • Take Notes
    • Chances are you’ll have a case of information overload at some point. Whether it be all the new names, all the new acronyms, or just the sheer amount of information. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have a place to write down those details. Otherwise there’s a chance you might not remember it the next day…so find a good pen (like a Montblanc) or a favorite app (such as Evernote) and store and lock down those memories.
  • Play the Game
    • This might sound a bit confusing, but let us explain. There’s a lot of fun to be had at amazing dinners, cocktail parties, and trying local establishments. All should be enjoyed, but don’t forget that no matter how late you stay out, you always have to be sure and show up ready to go the next morning. If you’re going to play the game, you have to show up to the field on time (how well you play is up to you). Pacing yourself during a long conference is never frowned upon either, but always expect to have a great time!
We can only prepare you so much. It’s up to you to make the most of it now! We expect it will be a great time, and be sure to find us around the conference. You can let us know if this guide was helpful, or totally useless. Either way we’ll enjoy the conversation.
See you in Boston!
Signing off,
Andrew Acker