New Office Countdown [And Giveaway]

We love our clients and we love the work we get to do. We’re excited for our ‘new digs’ and the fun place we get to call home as we work hard for our clients.
Rebuilt to serve up and coming local tech companies, The Strand complex welcomes D. Bello.
Jan 29, 2019
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What’s the purpose of an office? It may seem straightforward at first, but for many an office can have a lot of negative connotations. If we don’t step back and define it, by default it can just become whatever the work dictates: frustrating, hard, trapped, boring.

For us, offices aren’t just a means to the end and a place where people have to “clock-in” to get work done. Offices have to be a catalyst for great work. Don’t get us wrong, offices aren’t the only way for us to get our jobs done. We all travel a lot and at times find our best inspiration while visiting a coffee shop, sipping on a cocktail, or sitting on a beach.

However, when work is scheduled to be at least 30% of our day (the 9-5), where we work needs to be exciting, encouraging, and inspiring. That way we can do better work while at the office and be excited to return to the office (Sunday Scaries shouldn’t be a thing). We’re not saying we need to work 24/7, but we are intentional about the way an office looks, feels, and motivates for the time we are there.

As you might be able to tell, our current office doesn’t exactly fit the definition of a great office as described above. It’s been a great springboard to our Orange County home, but it’s time to announce the countdown and excitement about our new office (or for as much time as we spend there, our new home).

This is a place I designed to inspire great work for our clients and a great work environment for our team. The new office may only be across the street, but it seems like a huge upgrade to the top of the cool street.

To help celebrate the countdown and official move-in, we’re launching a ’New Office Giveaway’. All you need to enter is guess how long it takes our 6’4” CEO Jeffrey Bates to run from the current office front door to the new office front door. He’ll be the first to admit he’s not an Olympic sprinter (or even a jogger), but he does have some long strides.

Winner will receive a gift basket of some of our favorite OC products! 

We’ve provided a cheat sheet below, but research the coordinate, confirm satellite images, and enter your best guess in the form below (or by clicking the link here):

    • Point to point distance if taking a straight line is roughly 750 feet
    • Following more of the ‘legal’ pedestrian rules, it measures roughly 845 feet (pictured below)
    • Jeff is 6’4″
    • The last time Jeff ran or jogged for fitness or leisure was 10+ years ago.

*Limit one entry per person


* indicates required

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