[VIDEO] Intentional Outsourcing Series: Episode 3 - Scalability

Welcome back to our Intentional Outsourcing series. In this episode, CEO Jeffrey Bates shares the importance of scaling your business, not just growing it, and how D. Bello can help you increase output without increasing staff.
CEO Jeffrey Bates, smiling about scalability and how we can help your team!
Sep 20, 2022
1 min read

D. Bello’s Intentional Outsource series shares how your organization can win by deploying a title production outsourcing strategy with a purpose.

In this video, we discuss the difference between growing and scaling your business. Growing is easy. Scaling is not, but it’s much more important. For example, have you truly scaled if your company processes double the number of files you did two years ago but also had to double your staff? What if you could achieve double the results without doubling the cost to do the work? 

Scalability is the key to staying agile and opportunistic so that you can seize new opportunities and stay efficient even in the face of a downturn or decrease in volume. D. Bello has all the tools to help. We can supplement your in-house team and amplify the productivity of your key employees.

We do the work. You take the credit. Watch the video above to learn more!

Don’t forget to check out our second episode on Staffing Stability in our Intentional Outsourcing series, and stay tuned for the next video coming soon!

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