[VIDEO] Intentional Outsourcing Series: Episode 2 - Staffing Stability

Welcome back to our Intentional Outsourcing series. In this episode, COO Andrew Acker shares how you can break free of nationwide labor shortages and achieve staffing stability when you bring in D. Bello at strategic points in your production journey.
COO Andrew Acker, smiling ear-to-ear about Intentional Outsourcing
Aug 10, 2022
1 min read

Our Intentional Outsourcing series shares how your organization can win by deploying a title production outsourcing strategy with a purpose.

Our second episode focuses on staffing stability, a term sure to elicit strong emotions thanks to the unique labor market conditions we’re currently experiencing. Prolonged labor shortages and general industry specialization have made it difficult to retain key staff and attract talent. As a result, rates of burnout are accelerating among gifted and productive veteran producers.

You need a trusted solution for achieving true staffing stability. We can help! In the video above, we share more on how D. Bello’s Title Production Workforce™ can help key team members better use their time, produce more consistent final products, and reduce the headaches of hiring and training new employees.

Don’t forget to check out our first episode in the Intentional Outsourcing series, and stay tuned for our next video coming soon!

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