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Products + Services

Title Production Workforce In Action

Title Production Workforce is D. Bello’s highly trained team that can execute custom designed solutions for your company’s workflow and needs.


The core function of our industry – researching land records and issuing insurance – requires numerous, critical back-office tasks. These independent yet related tasks are vital to the accuracy of your product and health of your company, and don’t often receive the glitz and glamour they deserve.


Our Title Production Workforce has a solution for your title operations. Whether it’s title plant services or search and exam work, we can help. Title Production Workforce will shine behind the curtain, reliably executing the tasks and processes needed so your title people can work efficiently and effectively. We do the work, you take the credit.

Our Products + Services

Title Plant Services

  • Backplant Indexing

    • Possessing a deep, accurate title plant will lead to lower operational costs and optimal client service. Our backplant service can accommodate new title plant builds – or filling large gaps – quickly and accurately.

  • Plant Management

    • There are many facets to properly manage your title plant – obtaining images, indexing documents, locating non-postable documents, filling gaps or holes, managing users and usage, advancing the plant date, just to name a few. These tasks are frequently delayed or compromised when a title company is busy. We can make them a priority, by timely and consistently completing them and reporting any anomalies to you.

  • Data Conversion

    • Inherit an old database? Acquire a title company operating with old technology? Old data can be manipulated and converted into new systems and software, and we can get you there.

  • Locating + Mapping

    • When posting a title plant in a day forward or backplant environment, certain documents cannot be indexed. Those with exceptions, such as missing exhibits or incorrect legal descriptions, must be researched after data entry and posted.

  • Day Forward Indexing

    • Keeping a title plant current and accurate is critical to reducing risk. Our day forward indexing service posts your county’s images each day, applying consistent protocols to maintain an accurate, standardized, and timely database.

  • Historical Media Indexing

    • Have tract books, fiche cards or another source of physical media in your possession? These physical materials can be digitized and indexed into your electronic records for easy and reliable retrieval, so their value is preserved beyond their physical lifetime.

  • Plat Edit Development

    • A title plant with complete plat edits is more accurate. By extracting subdivision names, recording information and lot & block ranges from recorded plats, maps & surveys, a set of validation can be made available to edit postings into a title plant and dramatically reduce the risk of error.

Search + Exam Services

  • Search Packages

    • A search package provides all the pertinent information necessary to send a title order to examination. Search packages commonly include property taxes, plat maps, GI runs, property chains and document images.

  • Commitment + Prelim

    • This service can be performed from an open order sheet or a previously examined order. The commitment or prelim is prepared in your production system according to your rules and underwriting standards.

  • Gap + Pre-Closing Search

    • Prior to a transaction closing, this service includes searching the “gap” between the commitment/prelim and the closing, then reporting any new documents that may impact that particular order.

  • Final Policies

    • After the transaction is closed, we can prepare the final title policy in your production system. When complete, the policies will be ready for delivery to the owner and/or lender.

Imaging + Media Services

  • Image Indexing

    • Bulk images can be raw and disorganized, requiring each page to be reviewed and matched to other pages to create a document. Our image indexing service will create structure around your raw images resulting in complete documents in the image format of your choice.

  • Book + Page or Document Number Indexing

    • Bulk images are often not indexed to book & page or document numbers, thus they are typically unusable within your retrieval system. This service will create a digital index to book & page, document number, or both, resulting in document images that can be quickly and accurately be retrieved directly within your title system.

  • Cropping + De-Skewing

    • Some scanned images need a lot of work. The scanning of older, less-structured media like microfiche often results in images that appear off-center and with substantial border corruption. Cropping and de-skewing will correct most of these issues resulting in clean, presentable images suitable for your clients.

Consulting + Outsourcing Strategies

  • Outsourcing Strategy

    • Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Let us help you create a clear and concise outsourcing plan to improve your operational load, as well as guarantee the integration and success of outsourcing within your current operation.

  • Onsite Title Operations Review

    • Process management and efficient operations drive the bottom line. We can help identify repetitive touch points and burdensome processes to create time saving steps and closed loop systems. A fresh perspective can always help find any blind spots, and time (aka, money) savings.

  • Day On The Links

    • The best way to get results in the office can sometimes come from getting out of the office. Change the scenery and join us for a round of golf to discuss fresh ideas, new opportunities, and if Tiger Woods will win more majors than Jack Nicklaus.